Using Car Scratch Repair Kits

If you are repairing a minor scratch or a small chip to your car paintwork, then you might get away with only buying a touch-up pen colour coded to your make and model. You will then simply clean the scratch using a solvent, and use the touch-up pen to apply the paint. A fix that takes just a few minutes. But for large scratches, a much more comprehensive approach is needed. And this means buying multiple products and tools. However, there is a simpler option. Procuring a special car scratch repair kit that contains everything you need to repair car paintwork.

A car  paintwork repair kit is also a great option for car owners who cannot get hold of the correct colour coded car paint. This is because many car paintwork repair kits do not use traditional paint. Instead, they rely on special solvents that soften the existing paint, that is then spread across the scratch to cover it. These will work very much like a strong rubbing compound.

More comprehensive car paintwork repair kits will come with proper colour coded paint. They will also contain several grades of sandpaper or wet and dry paper to cut the damaged area back. They will come with preparation solvent to clean the damaged area, and they will come with the actual paint itself. Either as a small tub or as a touch-up pen.

For older cars, it is a good idea to try out the colour match of the new paint on a part of the bodywork that is not usually visible. Car paintwork can fade over time. If you notice that the tested area is much brighter than the surrounding paintwork, then you may need to buy some extra paint thinning agent, and thin the color-coded paint down to make it lighter in colour.

When you do use a paintwork repair kit, follow these simple tips:
• Always work on completely dry paintwork that has been extensively cleaned, make sure that the damaged area is completely dry before starting the repair.
• Always wait for each layer of paint to dry completely before cutting it back with wet and dry paper and applying an additional coat.
• Don’t be afraid to use paint thinner or solvent to remove excess paint and start again from scratch.
• Do remember that it can take several days or even weeks for car paint to set completely, so don’t clean your car until you are sure the paint is dry.
• The trick to achieving perfect results is to go for more thin coats, rather than less thick coats.

Overall, for larger scratches and chips to car paintwork, a proper repair kit, colour-coded to your make and model of vehicle is the best way to make sure that your DIY paint repair project gives exceptional results. When using a car paintwork repair kit there is no reason why your repair cannot look just as good as one that has been done in a professional auto body shop.